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Getting Your Website Live

Creating the Website We Host for You.

Choose Your Website Design
With our Diamond Level Courses, we offer semi-custom brochure websites (8 pages) which will instantly brand your business and brand your marketing message to prospects who visit your site, whether generated by the internet or by offline marketing campaigns.

So for anyone who doesn't know how to build their own website, or who doesn't even want to learn, here is an easy alternative, and it comes packaged right into your diamond course. As part of a Diamond program, you'll also be getting a business listing in two International Staging and Redesign Directories. Your listings will point to your brochure website as soon as you get all of the information sent to us so that we can put it all together for you.

How You Can Benefit
Most people now-a-days do their searching online and since we spend thousands of dollars each month advertising our directories, the fastest growing in the industry, you don't want to miss out by not having an online presence. Many, many students are getting calls and emails from the directory before they have even completed training, so it's important to get yourself up and running as soon as possible. Our professionally designed and easy-to-navigate websites will give you just the right professional brand image to help you lock in those prospects and grow your business naturally. If you later want to create your own website independently of this, just let us know when it is ready and we'll link to it from your directory listing. What could be easier?

Choose From These Easy to Navigate, Fast Loading, Stellar Yet Easy to Navigate Website Designs
We will be growing our list of choices as time permits. These are the examples currently offered.
Style 9

Style 12

Style 2A

Style 2B

Style 2D

Style 10

Style 13

Style 2E

Style 2F

Style 2G

Style 11

Style 2H

Style 2I

Style 2J

Changes You Are Permitted to Make

To get your website up and live, you'll need to provide content for the following pages:

  • Contact Information for your Contact Us page
  • Biographical Information for your About Us page
  • Articles for your Articles page (if you want something different there)
  • Services, Benefits and Pricing for your Services page
  • Up to 4 images for your Gallery page
  • Your domain name choice (make sure it is available first by entering it in your address bar and seeing if a website by that name pops up) Do not register it yourself. We will take care of that for you or we won't be able to host it for you.

Images in the frame of the website cannot be changed, sorry.  Resources page cannot be changed.

Once you have your web copy written, you may submit it on a Word document (.doc) via email to us. Do not put the text in the email but add it as an attachment. Proof read the copy thoroughly because we will merely do a "copy and paste" into your pages. Our webmaster gets very annoyed if you submit copy any other way as it makes the conversion to a web page very time consuming and difficult.

The 4 images for you gallery page must be .jpg format.  You must number them in sequence of how you want them to appear:  gallery1.jpg, gallery2.jpg and so forth.  You may send these via email as well because there are only 4 images overall.

Our current email address is:  "support4 @ barbarajennings . com" (minus the spaces). We put the spaces in here to try to reduce spam to that address.

Be sure to tell us which web design you have chosen and the name of your domain if it has already been purchased on your behalf.  We will take it from there and put your website together for you. When it is live we will let you know.

Creating Your Own Website.

Whether you're qualified for a one year brochure website that we create and host for you described above (renewable each year), you're not limited to what we offer. Here is another approach to setting up an inexpensive website of your own that you can customize to your liking all you want. While this isn't the only company that offers inexpensive websites, it's pretty good. The first 30 days are free and thereafter you pay a monthly fee starting around $6 per month and you can upgrade if you like for a higher price. For more details please visit: Build Your Own Website. If you choose this route, that's fine, however we do not refund the value of the website we offer to create and host your first year. Use it or not, it's up to you, but no part of your course fee is refundable should you elect not to use our websites.

Linking to Your Directory Page.

Important note: If you choose to create your own website here (or any where else) or you already have a website, be sure to link to the directory page or pages for your state or country. That way people will know you are listed in our professional directory and the reciprocal linking between your site and our site will help drive traffic to your website.

To create a link to our directory where you are listed you would want to visit this link, select your state or country, then when your page displays, copy the URL shown in your address bar. The website software will probably insert the coding automatically wherever you are having your site hosted. If not, contact your web hosting company help or send us an email asking for the correct coding.

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